IFIC Membership

membership1 IFIC offers membership to Societies working in IP&C, and to individuals interested in becoming associate members. Both categories benefit from being part of a network, sharing experiences, publications and projects. Bouncing ideas and concepts offers the opportunity to "influence" practice, and to learn from each other.
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IFIC Scholarships

scholarships1 IFIC places strong emphasis on facilitating attendance at its conferences to delegates from low resource countries through the provision of a number of scholarships each year. Attendance provides a memorable learning experience and fosters invaluable networking and information sharing with other participants. Apply.....


IFIC International Journal

ijic The International Journal of Infection Control (IJIC) is the official journal of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC). Its aim is to provide members and individuals in countries without infection control societies with state of the art articles, particularly through contributions from the field on infection control practice and initiatives in developing countries.


IFIC Conferences

conferences State of the Art Conferences are held every year, alternating between European and non-European venues. These conferences provide a unique opportunity to join colleagues, receive up-to-date information from a panel of international experts, with ample time to network and exchange ideas with colleagues from all over the world.


IFIC Publications

publications Useful resources including our book “Basic Concepts in IP&C”, PPs teaching aids, a “Where to find” Resource book, and other tools are part of the benefits offered by IFIC