Using the IFIC curriculum for infection prevention education programs

Special congratulations go out to Dr. Andrew Trotter and a team of doctors and nurses in Kathmandu, Nepal, (see pictures below), who recently contacted us with the

Trotter Class 2aTrotter Class 1a

“I wanted to give you follow-up regarding my inquiry in 11/2015 regarding using the IFIC curriculum for infection prevention education programs.  In coordination with the nursing and medical staff, we organized a 4 month, 28 class course for infection prevention and control which included nurses and doctors.  We had pre and post tests for each class as well as a practical group project and final exam.  following:

Best Regards,I would like to convey my appreciation to the IFIC and their team for creating the concepts book and PowerPoint presentations which allowed this program to become a reality.  The infrastructure and practice of infection control is minimal in Nepal and thank you for giving us the tools to be able to improve our infection control efforts.”

Dr Andrew Trotter