Associate Membership

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are defined as individuals professionally involved or interested in IPC as well as non-commercial organizations which do not fulfil the criteria of full members. They are entitled to receive all published materials as well as any other benefits open to members. However they are not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Why become an Associate Member?

Affiliate with a respected unified global IPC voice
Associate membership offers an opportunity to better clinical practice by sharing challenges and successes with professionals of similar backgrounds, and remain updated on what is going-on worldwide in IP&C. Membership facilitates possibilities to associate and exchange ideas with internationally renowned medical specialists and scientists both in high and low resource settings. It also provides support for less experienced professionals to access ideas, write publications, apply for scholarships etc.

Get access to experts in IPC
Novice infection control professionals can utilize contact opportunities to obtain help from more established colleagues internationally. In turn, established specialists can genuinely make a concrete difference to improve IPC worldwide

Support colleagues with less experience in ICP
Being an Associate Member also gives you the opportunity to support the work of IFIC in spreading knowledge and expertise to colleagues across borders.

Enjoy benefits that make a difference
Associate members  will have full access to the “membership only” section of the IFIC web site, which provides additional benefits, such as highlighted presentations from IFIC Conferences, special issues of the Journalthe Infection Resources in Infection Control, etc. Associate members also receive access to the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infection Control as well as IFIC's electronic newsletter.

A certificate, suitable for framing, is also provided on payment (or agreed exemption) of the annual fee. Regular e-mail announcements of journal publications, conferences and projects, scientific updates plus discounted conference registration are sent.

The membership fee for Associate members is currently £75 per three (3) years payable via PayPal.
Membership fees for individuals in more than 150 low income countries (Click here) is UK£15 payable via PayPal for 3 years or UK £5 per year.


If you are unable to pay the membership fee, IFIC Board will consider exemption in certain exceptional circumstance. All requests for the exemption should be addressed to the Chair of the Membership Committee at for consideration. The exemption will be awarded on yearly basis, renewable on yearly request.

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