Graham Ayliffe Award for Outstanding Work in Infection Prevention and Control, and lifetime collaboration and support of IFIC

Introduced in 2014, this new award celebrates the outstanding achievements of Professor Graham Ayliffe in the field of Infection Prevention and Control.

Professor Ayliffe was one of the founding members of IFIC as well as a Chair of the Federation between 1993 and 1996. His leadership was crucial to develop a platform for international collaboration and network amongst ICP professionals across the globe. His lifetime work in research, education and support are recognized in this certificate, set up in his name.

The IFIC Board will present this award to individuals who, in collaboration with IFIC, have contributed through international activities to further developments and progress in IP&C.

Past Recipients:

Candace Friedman, 2017

Dr. Benedetta Allegranzi, 2016

Dr Cristina (Tina) Bradley, UK,  2014


Favero Award

This award, created to honour the international contributions of Martin S. Favero, Ph.D. in the field of infection prevention & control is kindly sponsored by Advanced Sterilization Products, Irvine, CA.

It aims to recognize the lifetime achievements of those, working in the field of infection prevention and control, who have made significant contributions to global infection prevention. One recipient is selected each year. As well as delivering a key note lecture, the winner receives the award at the annual Conference of International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC).


Past Awardees:

Gary French, UK, 2011

Anna Hambraeus, Sweden, 2012

Shaheen Mehtar, SA, 2013

Richard ( Dick) Wenzel, USA, 2014

Professor Doctor Seto Wing Hong, Hong Kong, 2015