Nomination Process

    • Whenever a Trustee retirement falls due at end of the year, no later than one hundred and ten (110) days before the AGM (AGM) a notice is sent out to Members inviting nominations in accordance with the election procedures approved by the Trustees and setting a date for their submission.
      1. These nominations shall be from the geographical area that has created the vacancy, to ensure a balanced distribution in accordance with article 64
    • Completed nomination forms shall be forwarded to the Secretary. A nomination form can only be accepted if it:
      1. Is signed (including electronically) by a member entitled to vote at the AGM
      2. States the member's intention to propose the appointment of a person as a Trustee
      3. Contains the details that, if the person were to be appointed, the charity would have to file at Companies House
      4. Provides all the required information about the proposed candidate
      5. Is accompanied by a clear statement of acceptance of nomination
    • Nominations by Members shall be received no less than seventy (70) days before the AGM

Download nomination form from here arrow_down