Introduction to the Infection Prevention & Control and Water Sanitation & Hygiene Global Learning Laboratory Learning Pod and Announcement of inaugural webinar


Infection prevention & control (IPC) and water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH) in health care facilities are essential for improving quality within the context of universal health coverage (UHC). Focused attention on the triangulation between quality, UHC and IPC/WASH can catalyse improvements in a number of areas including the safety of clinical care and service delivery alongside staff and performance. Understanding the facilitators of IPC/WASH improvements and how local action can drive national level change is a key focus of the WHO Global Learning Laboratory (GLL) for Quality UHC and the newly activated Learning Pod on IPC and WASH.

This 60-minute webinar will focus on emerging lessons from the front-line and how the GLL aims to share and spread the knowledge harvested from implementation examples all around the world. With the recent activation of the IPC & WASH “learning pod,” the webinar will showcase examples from countries where triangulation between quality, UHC and IPC/WASH at the local level has influenced national policy. Finally, the webinar will focus on how effective implementation of IPC and WASH standards and practices are necessary for achieving quality health service delivery and how the new “learning pod” provides a unique space for individuals to join a global community committed to improvement in this two critical area.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the WHO Global Learning Laboratory for Quality UHC and the new IPC & WASH learning pod;
  • Highlight the inter-linkages between IPC and WASH in pursuit of quality UHC;
  • Think through key change drivers for improving IPC and WASH practices at the local level;
  • Explore different approaches on how frontline changes in IPC and WASH can influence national strategic direction;
  • Explore how the GLL for Quality UHC can support the work of IPC and WASH;
  • Define what success looks like for a learning pod that is focussed on IPC and WASH within the GLL for Quality UHC

Intended Audience:
Front-line workers, hospital administrators, policy-makers, patients, community advocates, NGOs civil societies, international organizations, and technical staff

Perspectives will be presented from those actively involved in IPC and WASH activities on the front lines. Participants will also have an opportunity to hear from those who work behind the scenes of the WHO GLL.

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Date: 29 August 2017
Time:12.00 CEST

Washington DC, USA 06.00 EST
London, United Kingdom 11.00 BST
Lagos, Nigeria 11.00 WAT
Geneva, Switzerland 12.00 CEST
Cairo, Egypt 12.00 EET
New Delhi, India 15.30 IST
Tokyo, Japan 19.00 JST

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