Terms of Reference Education Committee

    1. To address educational and training needs identified by the membership.
    2. To develop a strategic plan to meet the identified educational needs of the membership.
    3. To develop programs to meet the identified needs.
    4. To review educational materials developed the Board or other committees
    5. To develop a process for the review of member-submitted educational programs, for the purpose of bestowing IFIC endorsement or approval
    6. To collaborate with the annual congress chairperson on educational topics
    1. The Education Committee Chairperson and members will be appointed by the Board of Trustees.
    2.  Committee members will be identified by the committee chair and proposed to the Board for approval.
    3.  Committee members will include members of the Board, as well as co-opted members, such that members representative a broad international perspective.
    4. Membership shall be for a three year term, with the option of one renewable term
    1. All committee actions may be subject to Board approval.
    2. Committees will hold meetings in a manner convenient to the members
    3. Minutes of meetings, including any actions or decisions will be recorded and submitted by the Committee Chairperson within 30 days to the Executive Committee.